10 Things to Tell People Why You Aren't Drinking


Today. We're talking about all awkward summertime situation or how we make them awkward before they even happen. Because we're future tripping about how uncomfortable we're going to be an anxious about what people will think if you're not drinking and what will you say. And how will they react today. I have ten things you can tell people why you aren't drinking to help you get through the summer situations with confidence and with yours. Sobriety in tact now listen. I don't think it's a great idea to put yourself in super awkward situations especially when you're newly sober. But i also know you are on your own journey and you have to learn for yourself what works for you and what doesn't if you are going to go into challenging situations or if you have to go into challenging situations because it's a family thing or a work that you can't avoid then i want you to be prepared. Today's episode is a cheat sheet to fast track. You from struggling with overwhelming zaidi about what you'll say and how everyone else will react to being able to relax and feel confident like you've been alcohol-free for hundred years it ain't no thing all by planning ahead if you take some time to think about in advance what you'll say and how you'll respond to people then it doesn't seem so scary

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