A highlight from The critical race theory debate

Vox's The Weeds


Thank my guest today. Andrews as somebody who i have been wanting to have on the show for a long time. We actually worked together a long time ago now back in college on school paper I was chief. He was sports editor. We're not talking about sports today. He's now a great education journalist and we had a conversation. That's about the critical race theory. Debate up most of the coverage of this. I've seen as either gone like way off into the academic weeds. Talking about like critical race theory scholars. Or it's gotten super political looking at sort of republican party tactics and their machinations up. Andrew really helps us understand this conversation. What is actually happening inside. Schools and school systems. What the pressures are on educators. What parents concerns are and what implications all of. This has four kids and for society. What really matters here. And frankly the extent to which you may be doesn't matter so much. Compared to some other things we got a little a little wide ranging at the end. But i think that's what's always good in these conversations So here we go. Check it out. Andrew jeff lisa hello. Weeds on the box media podcast. I'm matthew yglesias

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