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Alright everyone welcome to digital conversations. I am your host billy bateman and today. I am joined by the great tim ashe bestselling author keynote speaker digital marketing expert. Tim thanks for joining me. It's my pleasure to be with you billy. Yeah i'm excited so you saw a lot of people know who you are. But they're still may be a few people who don't know who you are so we know just tell us a little bit about yourself and your journey to get where we are today. Well that's a long journey. I was One of the oggi's the original gangsters digital marketing and been running agencies Since nineteen ninety shortly after the internet was invented and my focus has been on what's now called conversion rate optimization or landing page optimization making websites more efficient so people can Higher percentage visitors will act once they get to your website. So i've written a couple of bestselling books as you probably know about it leading this landing page optimization. One this is the second edition here and I used to run what's called the conversion conference. Which was the first industry-wide conference on conversion rate optimization and actually still goes on it's been renamed digital growth unleash than it still happens in the us uk and germany every year. And they will. Most people know me is probably a site. Tuners the agency that i co-founded and that was specialized in conversion rate optimization and we created over one point. Two billion dollars in value for the nestle's facebook's expedia and siemens's of the world and a couple years ago. I sold the agency to my business partners and decided to focus more on my keynote. Speaking writing my new book Just launched a new lincoln. Learning class on your marketing. So i'm just enjoying all of the thought leadership that i've built up over the years. Yeah no you've done a lot of great things and it's interesting the shift you've made from the conversion rate optimization. It's very tactical you know like hey here are the things that you should try and and do these things to more of the neuro marketing. How did how did that shift happen for you. Well i wouldn't say that. Our approach was tactical. I think unfortunately the industry has been driven by the landing page testing tool vendors. And so that's all about test. This test. that testing velocity by colleague. Green button orange button testing. It's all of this tactical moving things around on the page stuff. And when i used to run my former agency was we took a pretty strategic approach was What about your email communication. What about your content marketing whole side redesigns to make them more user centered. One time we had a client in ecommerce client that sold high end expensive stuff so we figured the highest payoff was to train their phone. People is they knew about the product but not about selling so he trained about sixty of their apps and the website. Sales didn't change at all but phone. Orders increased fifteen percent so that was multi million dollars for them a year so we were actually pretty strategic about and that's one of my kind of access to grind against towards a cro these days. It's all about the tactical testing no there. That's what you hear about. Is you know we moved to the button from here here. And things went up five percent or one word in the headline the headline the magic word. The new free sale thing is a dirty little secret of of testing. Is this that you probably only have a few pages. They'd have the traffic necessary to test in the first place. Most of your site can't be tested and then what's going to happen. Is you get this crossover year. The ideas are going to get worse and worse and worse. Because you're using up the good ones the page and the meantime as a result of the testing is getting better and better and better. So eventually they're going to cross an after one two maybe three tests on the same page. You won't be able to improve it anymore. So there's gotta be other ways to optimize. You can't just rely on tactical landing page testing. Yes so so. Tell me a little bit. mean we run into the same problems with bots. You know we. We built a split testing platform into our and our chat. Bots live chat. And you you'll. There are a few like very easy things to test.

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