A highlight from Part 2: Lenny Shulman, Mike Welch


It's always a pleasure to welcome when he shulman to the show leading. Good morning steve. I'm not sure why ban me for two years. i did. we started. But they're legal now so you so you're off the you know it's it's it's not. It's not a problem anymore. New york baby. Not where i am Okay thank you. For the sam flon when their by. Well i i gotta tell you lend i if you were here. And if steve were here i it. You'd be. I don't know you i don't wanna get maudlin But it it you know it was already a somewhat difficult and arduous. Slog ear these Certainly the last three weeks Maybe four weeks given the you know given the derby backdrop but It it the racing is going to be great. It's a terrific card and tomorrow too and and even the three stakes today but Is actually a very good race. I should note by the way third race today. Following see. who's part of the story one of the horses that was moved from baffled by Spendthrift todd pletcher. And he shows up today with joel. Rosario in the third against reinvest reinvestment risk. Who makes a seasonal debut. And i would look at rudy. Rodriguez is What do you think now on the rail who is okay actually As the third choice so very interesting third race to take no. Yeah it's been an interesting Interesting fine for the sport hasn't it Kind of You know it's it's kind of odd that the

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