How to Calm Worst Case Scenario Thoughts When We Have Good Reason to Believe Them

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We're discussing how you can calm. Worst case scenario thoughts inspired by the following listener question. I know you've talked about catastrophes many times but this is such a problem for me. I would love if you could talk about how to stop thinking the worst when you have valid reasons. Why you believe the worst. Could actually transpire am very convincing arguments to myself as to why these what if this then this things could genuinely happen. I'm struggling so badly with being able to stop catastrophes ing in all areas of my life. This is a constant source of anxiety and upset for me and i would love any thoughts. You could offer on this in your podcast. I doubt i'm the only one with this runaway brain. Wow what a question. Yeah definitely not the only one yet. The last sentences pretty powerful yes. That's the clue but we'll get to. The support of our vader is really helped me. Understand is kind of anxiety firstly in my own life in my own kind of anxious thinking catastrophe and then when supporting clients are veda teaches that there are two energies in the mind the provoked with this kind of anxiety and they come. You're up a really disturbing experience for us. As the airy nature of the mind which is the energy of the mind that gives rise to anxiety in the first place and really blows and pushes our thoughts around. She's another system. Around and this causes a very unsettled feeling and an unsettled anxious. Mind and then as the fiery aspect of the mind that comes in with all its powers of perception debating arguing scrutinizing and adding. It's convincing arguments to an already anxious. Mindsets those two energies together. That creates this intense experience.

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