A highlight from 2602 - The Tax System's Role in Perpetuating Inequality in America w/ Dorothy A. Brown


Professor of at the emory university school of law on the whiteness of well how the tax system impoverishes black americans and how we can fix it also on the program today now more. Revelations of the trump administration spying on journalists and after joe biden meets shelley capito and game seems near on the infrastructure. Bill andrew cuomo reveals that taxpayers new york state taxpayers are paying for his defense in all the investigations he is facing israeli. Opposition leaders officially claim. They can form a government. Be on the way out. Feds are investigating. Whether matt gaetz obstructed justice and a new report stimulus checks substantially reduced hardship in this country. Imagine that arizona getting blowback for using zyklon b famous for being used in the holocaust to execute its prisoners. Us appeal court leaves the cdc eviction moratorium in place. White house may send states Vaccines broad before they expire. Which seems like a no brainer. And lastly the sad story of the end

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