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Now here are your house academy podcasting hall of famers taught cochran and greenlee rob how you doing well. I'm doing good talk. That intro really suffer. High expectations doesn't it. It does in you know. I hit the button on my road. Caster to get us started in. I'm looking i. What did the cable goal. The cable must have fell off the well. So what fallen off the wagon here. Yeah so what i had done was remember. We had two kitty cats here in the studio right right of course and krista get the wrong logo on the computer. I'll get that change. So i had the kitty cats here and they scratched up some of my soundproofing. Well i got the replacement soundproofing. And and i had part of the studio pulled away here and i must have pulled. The plug goes to the road caster. Because that's all repaired and lecturer diets and fancy like it used to be and So anyway i totally failed as a host to be adequately prepped and plus as dealing with concerns on bandwidth issues that still thing so anyway we were back. How's how's everybody doing Well as far as i'm concerned. I'm not sure we have a lot of other people that are able to input on that question but they could. I guess in chat but is not like we're on clubhouse come on up give us your input right. Yeah i mean everything is is proceeding you know it was. It's always seems a little less. Isa less involved on our part to prerecorded interviews when we are so ingrained in Set in on the video side too. So it's good to get back to the the video side of what we do live here so and i had recorded our interview with dan. Franks and we had the video on that but it just become kind of a. I ran out of time. i really did. So that's why there's only audio version that maybe i'll go back and mess with it. Seemed like who's always pushed that out later a spouse can update the post and put it in there but any ways any who's fact just the interview. I just done daily listened to the show a lot. Rob see what their favorite phrases here on the show. A winner winner chicken dinner. So i wanna give a shout out to the mehta pod podcasts. And thank him for the interview today and There's a lot of people that like chicken dinners. I think that's really comes down to. And i'm pretty sure what i have done. Is this cable. And i had to replace about every two to three years is on. Its second year leagues. And i've run over and enough with the seat that it's on. Its last lakes. I keep having a an era and year dropout. So rob had a and i'm sure there's gonna be a newsletter out By certain individual. I had back and forth back and forth back and forth back and forth back and forth about advertise and measurement. And so. let me run this past you. What do you think would be more accurate. A host that has ad insertion platform that can produce and process raw log files to come up with an certified download number that can be build and also extrapolated if the if the episode add hit at seventy five percent in be able to say yup the the download made it to seventy five percent. I can build it or seventy five percent of the block. Let's say it's an hour. Show the saints in our show at the forty five minute. Mark is where the ad dropped. Eighty percent of the episode was downloaded. One hundred percent zero. The twenty five percent was downloaded a hundred times. Twenty five to fifty was know. Basically you knew where you knew that you hit your mark in a new that x number downloads happen by the time they got to the forty five minute mark so we're seeing more and more ad campaigns being evaluated based on that nope just hold on now. Would you rather think that. Billing of a download is more accurate than a ping from mice. Let's say i was to initiate a ping saying that. That meteorologist scott served. I'm gonna send a ping over to whoever and they're the ones that bill build on what they're calling an impression right well. The ping is usually associated with the with the insertion on the fly insertion of an ad in to the content right. Okay but you're still delivering that file the download and the ping says it got into the episode but is it guaranteed got delivered. We know we don't. We don't know they've got listened to well we're conflating the delivery versus the listen because ranked the advertiser wants to is supposing that delivery to mean that it was listened to while we know it's not right well in probably in most situations it might be right. It's just what we just don't know for sure well depends on them to on the show. How many people actually are following the show and getting it downloaded automatically which is declining right. Or if they're li listening to it. String yeah i mean is is becoming. More of a factor. I think The the streaming view of this person hits play right. it's gonna batch download chirping on their internet connection a certain amount of the content right It's not very precise it's it's not like it's not like streaming and that's where the range of streaming may be very precise no one is streaming right. Exactly i want that word to be banished from podcasting but it can't be right so it's being of it's being aggressively downloaded right so i think it become todd does it become less of a factor the faster the data connection because also will download absolutely n- three seconds. That's right it could download entire thing. If you're on wifi and you've play and you are not str- you're not in some apps it's just it's just the same as download says you hit play overnight followed. It comes right and it's going to cash in the device and it's gonna continue to play in its progress which is going to seem like a stream like a strategy. It actually may not be actually listened to and that ad may

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