President Biden Optimistic Despite Falling Short of July Fourth Vaccination Goal

NBC Nightly News


Biden is a major rebound in the economy and in our lives. This holiday weekend as the country marks an accelerated return to normal still challenges. Remain with the white house falling short of its july fourth vaccination goal. Monica alba is covering the president firing up the barbecues and air force one this holiday weekend as americans come together on the eve of independence day. The biden administration's top officials fanned out across the country from nevada and michigan to maine new hampshire. The president first lady and vice president blanketing the nation. Today in what they're calling. The america is back together tour giving new meaning to the fourth of july by marking our independence from the pandemic though it was hard to believe. I think that we would actually be able to be together on the fourth of july. Still victory over. The virus isn't being declared just yet. The white house will miss. Its own goal of partially vaccinating. Seventy percent of american adults by tomorrow nearly sixty seven percent of those eighteen and over have received one dose while forty seven percent of the public is fully vaccinated heading into the celebrations. The president warned those who haven't gotten their shots yet concern that people who have not gotten vaccinated have the capacity to catch the variant the white house announcing it will deploy surge response teams to hot spots as fears grow over the highly transmissible delta variant

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