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The geese who saved rome once upon a time. The city of rome was an ancient wonder. It was the first true metropolis a sprawling city with towers and walls and suburbs and fields. This was more than two thousand years ago. But the romans had already started creating roads and books and concrete and even indoor plumbing they had aqueducts bringing fresh water into the city so there was plenty to eat and drink. Rome was truly in the ancient world but riches always attract those who would steal them for themselves to keep themselves safe. The romans of course had a mighty army but they also had help at home in the heart of the city near the capitol hill. They had some guard animals. There were the dogs. Big like tamed. Wolves sent by the god. Apollo to watch over the streets. There were mighty eagle sent by jupiter to watch over the city from the sky and finally thought of last and usually never were the geese. They were the typical long necked honking. Sort quick to nip or steal a bite of bread. They had been sent by juno to watch over the holy pond near her temple and they spent their days splashing around in the water and eating plants and bred. The dogs and the eagles weren't very impressed. Oh they're geese said the majestic eagle flapping down to land on a nearby rock. Haven't you had enough playtime. What do you mean asked regina the leader of the geese your just sitting here and the pond splashing all day. You should be in the skies with us. Eagles watching over roma geese looked at each other and laughed a big honking laugh. Oh well you've got that under control. Regina said uh skis are supposed to watch the pond. This is our little kingdom and we've got it handled the eagle look down his proud beak at the geese all splashing and honking and swimming happily in the water. Looks more like one. Great big playtime to me. The well looks can be deceiving. Said regina now if you excuse me. I see a person throwing bread over there. She turned from the eagle and swam over to the edge of the pond where some humans were pitching in their crusts. The eagles shook his mighty head and flew back into the skies. What was his. Bob lobe asked regina's friend augie. Another one of the geese. No idea said regina a little sadly even as she snatched up a piece of bread but he doesn't seem to like us very much because we have faud. You can do your job and still have fun regina at that but it was short lived a pack of the big wolf Guard dogs came strutting over near the pond. They gave the geese dirty looks and leaned down to drink out of their pond. Oh hey there. Regina said waving a wing good to see fellow guards at work. Our water is your water. The big dogs all laughed until they were howling. They rolled on the ground and their tails. Wagged wildly regina said. What's so funny. Oh you think your fellow guards a big dog said her tongue lolling pink your pets at least the eagles fly and keep watch from the air while we patrol the ground. What do you watch one little pond. Will judo said tessa. Watcher tab bull said augie. We do a pretty good job. The dogs all howled with laughter. You think you help guard anything. Us and the eagles we are fierce. We are symbols of strength and courage and pride you the wolves looked over the geese flapping for bread and honking back and forth your just a bunch of trashy water raccoons. Oh excuse me. Regina said we do our job same as you just because we like to honk chase. Bread doesn't mean we aren't good at it. The wolves all howled again and then loped away from the pond. The other geese quickly forgot all about it. They went back to honking and darting after floating. Bits of bread but regina couldn't get it out of her head. The geese were here to watch over rome same as the others but they never got any respect. She whispered a little prayer to juno to let the geese be good at their jobs to let them make rome proud and then sighing at the rising moon went back to her friends in the water unknown to all in the city. The roman army had suffered a terrible loss. They had been warring with a kingdom known as the gauls been defeated in the field and were now in full retreat. Running back to the safety of rome's walls. The soldiers arrived back at the city late at and they instantly went

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