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We'll keep dropping him gyms. We hope to see you soon pasia. He's piece but he's action. What's up everybody does. Is tom tom of the over. The shoulder podcasts. Holding down today. I got to special brothers in the building on being my mask scholar. Detroit up the local to the dmv. And the home. Mr got a salute fellas. Doing great man alive grateful. Yeah man we just had our own little tour of the washington informer bridge without with the big home. Lafayette man man's up to some great things right now man historic storage. It's it's just beautiful to see black men doing things in the community man definitely definitely paving way legendary building. The slow on this podcast. I'm known as the facilitator right. So today i'm fills precipitating multiple situations introducing new folks to each other and then you know putting people on so today. I'm putting on my brothers scholar. Like i say he's from detroit. Very talented brother can come at you. Many ways artistically. But let's just start it off. Let's how would you. How did you get into music I'll also consider good this earlier. Man music has always been a part of my dna. mike like my my My both my parents are west african. a- cameroonian yes sir And you know my entire family at least on. My mom's side grew up in a church. So they were always singing. Always doing hymnals and all that right. So that's deeply rooted from soul place and But you know when my mom moved to the states her favorite rappers were mc hammer into something crazy. But that's who i heard in the household and like you know we ought house parties. Mc hammer was always gonna come so like i was always in the middle of them dancing. And if you know anything about on west. African parties mantis is a. It's a movie man. You dance until you sweat. Aunties come put five dollars your forehead and so It was it was a whole thing. So that was my introducing introduction to music Between you know at least my introduction to hip hop in in in my mom's like jazz and she loved like kenny g. And shit like random stuff like that so Now as much with us in a music and then Alone lives Elementary school i ended up finding out this story really early That i could sing. I started was saying Kindergartner was usually the kindergarten first grade. kindergarten so teachers had is a metal tub that she filled with pillows. And so if you had been She kinda rotate who she picked. But if you hadn't out She unless you go sit into you. Listen to audio books listening to music. So i had a lion king book. And i ended up listening served part where they sing a and singing along my headphones on not knowing what was going on in the world and when my mom and my teacher ended up telling my mom that i should be on a pilot as she thought i was really good singer. Apollo good mom's africans she the apollo apollo she. You know she didn't think anything of it but from that day on i was okay. I love news and then It it didn't come back up again until fifth grade where i had to do Report native americans the pot of water me indians. We'll probably be native. Americans that but I ended up writing a rap about the pot of wada. Means of maybe like fifteen minutes before class started to do it in front of all three Fifth grade classes for that history class and ended up killing it and from then on. I'm like i'm rob. You know what i mean. Even the freestyle king for minute man you. So that was dow's after that. And i ended up going in the middle school. Just happen to my big cousin truth. have been rapid. And like you know he didn't really have much. You know in hindsight but at the time it looked like everything to me because you know. He figured out how so download recording software on his computer. He was using the computer. Mike and this was during the day when they used to have like yahoo chat rooms the battle you know like i really was a rapid rapper. Often streets like ours industries like battling people at every school every anything that was going on like i would. They would be if there was a crowd. It was probably the middle freestyle adding all you know what i'm saying So i i picked up a lot of how to record my cousin. And then i had a uncle true that i know. Yeah okay. true the rat. And he's a lawyer now but people are not used to wrap. He's the engineer. Like that's really who i started when it comes to music and it's interesting super nice with him but Between that and then uncle that i had that may like a the mukasa type jazz music. Because he was the first real studio. I ever recorded kaci in phnom all back into the day.

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