Financial Trends Reveal Promising Opportunities for Small Business


Is the latest financial trends in this now. Post pandemic economic recovery for small business owners here to help his birdie. Oldman who's director of analytic consultancy experienced business. Information services who leads a team of statistical consultants went diverse skills provide small businesses and commercial service providers with leading edge analytic driven information solutions brody with that introduction. Seems like you're the guy that's going to have the answers or barry. I certainly hope i do. And we certainly have a lot of data here to support some of the insights and trends that we see going on in the market. We know after the nine thousand nine hundred nineteen spanish flu pandemic that was followed by the roaring twenties or what was known as the roaring twenties. New think we're moving into the roaring twenty twenty s. Well that that's certainly is what the market would like to see. That's coming into really a heightened expansion period for small businesses. We certainly see some of that. Growth potential But there are some pressures that are coming down from the environment. That may hold us back. And so what are some of those things. Because what i keep seeing is i go out on michigan avenue. Chicago and the stores are just mom. Did seems consumer spending his way up because people haven't been spending much the last fifteen months very you got it. There's there's two two point four trillion or so and savings. That's out there. That consumers are just happing into as we get into the summertime and this is a big spending time where folks are out shopping in though in the mall and in some of the brick and mortar spots. They're transitioning from that digital storefront that they've been during the pandemic now they're moving back out and you've seen them no masks on walking around with their cards out ready to spend and so. We are seeing an

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