Professional Wrestling (MM #3777)

The Mason Minute


The Maison with Kevin Nation. I'm not just cursing the Olympics these days. I'm also cursing one of my dearest friends, a lifelong friend who we saw last week and we got to talking about TV apps and we're talking about the things we watch. So they could write down some things that they could check out and he was telling me that classic wrestling was available on peacock. Like, most people, I was into wrestling as a kid but kind of stopped paying attention. I got to be an adult. He told me I could watch all these classic wrestling episodes from the early 1980s, free WWF. Yeah, the national wrestling Alliance that I used to watch growing up in Virginia, they've got them on T. In fact that's what's on the TV, right? Knee watching some old wrestlers and just watching it how different it was and how simple and not quite as cartoonish. It was cartoonish, don't get me wrong but it's not quite the same thing. And after I get done here, after I get done with like nine Seasons, so the entire 1980s I'll be going back to the Mid-South wrestling. It's great to have on during the day where you don't really have to pay attention where it really doesn't matter. But yet, it takes me back into a time that what was much simpler, I just didn't realize it was quite so simple at the time.

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