Ven. Sangye Khadro on How to Meditate


So venerable. Welcome and thank you for joining us on the wisdom chat so great to have you here. Thank you for inviting me. I was just reading your bio and a mentioned that you were in you. I met the dhamma or studied with the debate and llamas in dharmsala indiana's wondering wondering how you what motivated you and how you ended up going to india to study buddhism. Well i guess salaam story that. I'll give short so his born in california and grew up in a roman catholic family but i went to catholic schools but as a teenager i became disillusioned with catholicism and i was interested in still interested in spirituality and now back in those days that was in the early seventies. There weren't many buddhist books available. But i read a few and i've had the strong feeling of wanting to go to india that seemed to be replaced where always spiritual teachers happened spiritual teaching so yeah so i started going university but then i felt. It's not really what i wanted to do with my life. I really strong pull towards finding a spiritual teacher in spiritual path so i decided to leave university and just head off to india. But i didn't go immediately. I went first to europe and had some fun there and eventually made my way to india at those days. I mean there is no willie. Planet guide. No internet facebook and so on. But i'd meet people along the way. And that's how i found out about Dharmsala

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