A highlight from Together Run with Tina 8: 30 or 45 minute Run


I friends special treats you today. We are going to be running in the trails. I drove over to some limestone trails. And you're going to really get to hit in nature today. I am excited to share this with. You was definitely worth doing. And i think you can enjoy spatial to take a picture while you're running and i'd love to see it as well right short pass over to me and we'll begin our together run both good morning. Friends say said special. Treat for you today really excited to just do a different run together along the merrimack. I believe it's called the merrimack trail. I don't even know but i'm here just outside of saint louis. We'll start running. And then i'll tell you a little bit okay. So are you ready. We're gonna start in three. Two one. Go mostly i want to say. It's actually forty three degrees. Which is our night. That is a little chilly. And i've been running in. And i thankfully along save with me but definitely on the code side say from kind of making that shipper. You noise for a few minutes. That's why but run alone. Yes i see. The sino merrimack greenway and trail going to go off into the technical israel for a while fast i wanted to do. I thought why not do. Guided run like fully. How in nature on this beautiful kirsch limestone it is. I'm saying path and just show this the quiet revoke can you hear that. Maybe not. just show this so that. If you don't have someone like this you can run a nightmare. That is a privilege. Then you can do the next best thing which is running on it and imagine yourself. They're all you can think about where you are. But i thought this would be a great thing to do and just other than my thing is going to be bit. Code is gonna be beautiful morning and so excited so we again begin as we normally would by doing scan down from head to toes. Give you a free few parts along the way to see what i notice. See how the various bits of your body heal as you go through. You may not something. I don't mention wonderful. It doesn't feel good. Maybe doesn't feel wonderful that you are paying attention and listening to your body right so you ready to begin. Start with the top of your head. Scan down through your eyes but actualize

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