A highlight from Mike D Is A Married Man! + Raymundo Was Drunk At The Wedding! + Bobby Flew With A Celebrity!


News stories across the left. Let's go number five. A pregnant mom saved three kids from drowning in lake michigan when they got caught up in a rip current again she's pregnant. Wow here's a lissa dewitt breaking down the rescue every into the edge of the pier and they couldn't even keep their heads above the water. At that point. I laid down over the side of the pier. A pulled every single one of them out up over that peer wall. I don't know how i did. It put a did. I truly believe that. I was meant to come here. Crazy crazy by itself also. She's pregnant when she hit. Let's go a five year. Old girl in kentucky started selling lemonade by toy for her brother. Who is in the hospital. Word got out a bunch cop which firefighters came by. She made over thirteen hundred dollars so now. She says she might buy three toys. That's awesome that's next up. The aspca says the vast majority of pets adopted during the pandemic have not been returned. We started to hear stories about him coming back. That was immediate. And they're like hey listen. Ninety percent of the dogs eighty five percent of the cats are still in the homes at adopted them. and you're talking about record. Adoption rates during the pandemic. So thank god. People found him loved him loved the animals. A lot of people got a lot of people. A lot of animals got adopted. Just away the maybe people that are adopted. Be glad they saved them. A nine year old in his family found five thousand dollars under the floor. Mat of the families used. Suv landed melvin. Was gifted a thousand bucks at the money in return of the cash to the original owners. Here's the land in his father. Breaking down the whole situation cleaning menendez car out and then when i looked under the floorboard i found package. I start calling my wife and they come check this out and that's when we dumped it on the bed just money falls out all over the bed immediately. I need to find out who this belongs. Two thousand bucks is a good really good reward for five thousand an eleven year. Old florida says the tv show law and order. Svu not only helped her escape. It would be kidnapper but also helped to identify him. Police found the man with the blue paint and slime all over his arm that she had hit him with. its because she had a toy. And here's eleven year old. Eliza explaining exactly what happened. Denies king for me are you. I tried to run the news. I was able to get some fine months to his upper arm and things little on me. But i knew that i might be better evidence. Or if the prostitute find them. Our evidence and the craziest part of all of this

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