Shwen Gwee Describes How Voice is Transforming Diagnostics


Let's talk a little bit about Diagnostics which i think is fast. Here's a lot a lot happening here. So i'm just gonna let you take that. The shirt i think on the front. And you know you're starting to see some of these companies e startups whether they're still startups now or whether the much bigger than that because the funding is a good question but some of them are starting to come into this space to really play that role of being more of a triage right. Where you're asking questions based and they'll ask you know they'll ask you about your symptoms and they'll start to narrow it down and provide a recommendation for what hype of condition you might have and so you've got a little bit of that fun end triage before seeing the actual healthcare professional specialists. You go through that kind of process examples of that Like a babylon health where they've actually become really popular globally especially in the uk where the nhl has adopted them as part of the process and then on the other end when when it comes to diagnostics to see some companies and startups really work on that audio channel. That the sample you get from somebody voice to be a way of detecting and diagnosing a condition or disease so really much more what we call it digital biomarker where we're at a voice sample analyze it and then from there detect if maybe you might have signs of depression or anxiety or ms for that matter. So it's really exciting to see how this feels really changing and leveraging these types of channels to provide new kinds of data that can be analyzed through a and machine learning to really start to provide that information and insight to predict what you might have in the suggests based on massive amounts of data and voice apples that were collected. And then if you think about that. I'm so complex. Human tools starting to also collect voice data As you know your apple watch can hear what you're saying go. Hey siri. I should say that. Early watch achmat. Picks up on that something like amazon halo actually picked up in Is able to record your voice and it's starting to be able to Provide information about your mood or or your your your overall condition that day as a result of that. But that's where it's getting really exciting as unique my own voice channels when we talk on the phone or we recorded I know a snapchat or tiktok recording or post and in what did it could be analyzed. Could pick up nuances that allow for that digital biomarker to be Detected and then realized that before you even knew it. You had a specific condition that you should probably go checkout out

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