Opportunities Have Expiration Dates


Opportunities have expiration dates. Brilliant line. I don't know about you but usually i realized that my milk has an expiration date. But i've never thought about opportunities having expiration dates. I believe it's profoundly true. Let me give you couple of examples. Friend calls you on the phone and says they have a ticket to a concert. They can get you a ticket but got thirty minutes to decide to decide now whether you want to go to the show or not. Someone sends you a message and says an old friend is in town. But they're leaving tomorrow. You want to see him. It's gotta be tonight. Opportunities have expiration dates. Those are obvious question. Obvious situations where you might see that. But i have some questions for you to think about this idea a little bit further. Have you ever missed an opportunity because you are unaware of it. Have you ever missed an opportunity. Because you let it fall down your priority list or have you ever missed an opportunity because you delayed or stuck in analysis paralysis. Well unless you are dead or delusional you got at least one. Yes to those three questions probably more than one. Yes to more than one of those questions now. Not every thing. We run across is obvious as the ticket being available or the friend being in town. Sometimes we don't know there are opportunities because we don't notice them which could be because we're not looking for them which leads me the first of two big ideas to help you take advantage of opportunities. And here's the first one you have to have opportunity radar radar simply means that you are noticing scanning looking for expecting to find

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