Amazon Sidewalk Launching in the US

Voice in Canada


Today. I wanna tell you about a new feature. And i'm going to be straight up front with you right now. This feature is not coming to canada. Initially it's being launched in the united states but it is quite a controversial feature for lexi and it is creating a lot of buzz around the internet. And so i do. I wanna just mention it to you. This is the feature or the the product or the service amazon sidewalk and the best way to describe. This is for those of you that have like a wifi mesh network at home where you have multiple Individual routers multiple devices around the home which basically crew blankets. Your home in a stronger wifi signal amazon is doing not to a greater degree with neighborhoods by using your actual devices as those devices that put out the signal. No it's not. It's not a wifi signal. It's a different type of signal but the idea. Is that if you have an echo device or you have a are ring camera or doorbell These devices can theoretically communicate with each other and blanket neighborhoods with a signal that then allows others in the area to us. Four things such as Beacons so i'll give you a use case because it'll probably make things a little more concrete. Let's say you have a pet and you choose to put this device on your pet. Nath your pet is walking around the neighborhood and these devices that use amazon sidewalk are active throughout the neighborhood. They have a wave communicating with that beacon. And telling you where it is. It's kind of like the apple app like find. Find my phone right where you can see where your phone is the differences with amazon sidewalk. It is using the technology to communicate with devices that are native to amazon now. There's a lot of controversy about this is a good thing. It's a bad thing. One of the things that has come up is that by default it is on so you do. Have the option trinidad off. It is not available in canada right now but it is such a hot topic that i wanted just mentioned it to

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