Must Read: Blue Ocean Strategy


Blue ocean strategy. Why is this such a must read book. This is great. Even if you're just getting started in fact it probably be even more important if you're just getting started if you're an established business is just as powerful and helpful. Most companies operate in a red ocean red ocean markets. It's called rid ocean because it's marked by its intense bloody competition but it doesn't have to be this way by following the systematic process that they share in the book. You can make what's called a blue ocean shift that moves you beyond competition and opens up brand new untapped market opportunities a good portion of i would say the first fifteen to twenty percent of this book is drilling home. What a blue ocean is and why it's so important to have or create for your business. Most of us will go into a market that has competition that has other players offering the same thing we we think we can do better but essentially we are in a red ocean. It's super hard to stand out and to grow rapidly and half sustainable success when you're in a red ocean because the competition is so fierce you release one feature or one extra thing. So does your competition you lower. Prices sodas your competition it's cutthroat. It's incredibly stressful. And it's not creative and yet most of all do this. We opened a pizzeria. When there are other pizzerias in the neighborhood thinking our is going to taste better. And we're gonna be better. You write a business book thinking that this business book is going to help other entrepreneurs better than other books belong. Behold you're competing with so many books in the business category in amazon. These are just examples.

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