What is a 'Cholo'

Latino USA


You may remember this early. Two thousands hit song. Lean like a chill low by down aka or watch movies about trouble culture like blood and blood out three bottles dot goes full of garnell or american me to state is so lame paid for the game but you know where the we're solo really comes from and did you know that a solo and south america is not the same chiloe from the united states. I only recently learned that. There were charles in south america during a conversation with my partner who is peruvian american so i feel like proving really proud right and it's like even if you're a channel like at least for me and my failure. What do you mean like a lake. My dad was always like listening to wine. No or like speaking wa. Which i literally didn't but like gangster. No he wasn't a kinks turkey like Like barry indigenous were that poncho and like wanting a toll and indigenous people in peru johnson indigenous person for you yet. This was the first time i ever heard the word used to describe someone in a way that didn't mean hood or gangster immediately wanted to know if the from southern california and if the from south america had the same meaning and if so how did they come to mean such vastly different things. Where did the word originate. Who was first of california or the role of the andes in my search for answers a researcher. Dr couching rodriguez a professor in colonial literature. At the city university of new york its origins are uncertain. Some scholars of belief that it comes from the now our show logged. Which was the word for dog. Now it is a language of the. Sx bob one of the earliest mentioned of the word appears in common darius realities royal commentaries by the peruvian mystique so Inc other see lasso. La vega dot work day back to sixteen owned nine. He indicates their dad d. Word means dog and it was used in a figurative eurodif way by the spaniards to refer to this individuals of makes origins african and indian. But now he's apply differently is applied to almost any one that could be off mix

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