How Software Is Eating the Car

The Tech Guy


I saw an article on the i tripoli spectrum which is their magazine by robert charette how software is eating the car the trend toward self driving an electric vehicles ed hundreds of millions of lines of code two cars can the auto industry cope. Just put it in perspective. Hundreds of millions of lines of code. That's how many lines of code there are in windows. it's that it's on. that level of sophistication. I'm sure i've been talking about this all along. But it's kind of stunning and it's relevant right now because it according to analysts. The chip shortage global chip shortage is being felt everywhere but it's especially being felt in kars four point one million autos won't be made this year because they can't get the chips that's a lot. Ten years ago only only fancy cars had microprocessor control units. Today fancy fancy. Cars like the bmw. Seven series may contain one hundred fifty electronic control units pickup trucks like the ford f. One fifty one hundred fifty million lines of code as of twenty seventeen. Some forty percent of the cost of a new car can be attributed to semi conductors. The cost is doubled in ten years and they think by By the end of this decade. It'll be fifty percent. Each new car today has about six hundred dollars semi conductors. Three thousand chips in it. So it's no surprise. I mean your steering is controlled by a chip. The the doors windows the mirrors the seats the climate control of course the anti-theft system the kilos entry system even the steering column as a computer on.

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