A highlight from Episode 189b: The Apple WWDC Event 2021, Part 2

Double Tap Canada


Hello if you're joining us another way tell us how we'd been written Markelle for la la la la land war still here still here He didn't want to be but he is Show preschool still there. You still there on unfinished. Sorry i clocked off. You know. Stephen says he didn't want to be but he's still here like we had a choice. Right tron. exactly what we did as one person on a choice and that's gonna be She'll be introduced in the moment. But this is kind of why we're doing this. Because they will get the chance to speak to the shelley. Brisbane chilly a i. I'm going to ask for an applause. Craft all the time tech writer. Absolutely absolutely shelly. Great to have you here. Welcome to your double tap canada. You are of course the host of the wonderful podcast on really fm I know because i've been on it. I say that although to be fair although it also You're the rights of the wonderful ios access for all season because we only gets harder to write every year. Because there's just so much constantly coming on. I tweeted earlier this week. After the wwe keynote the book will be one thousand pages. And i'll see you again. September just in time for the release. Yeah yeah exactly. It's incredible i mean. We didn't really get into the accessibility side on the under for star or the the first episode this week but there is a lot thus komo i think new less kickoff with your take on w. Wdc this time around chile. I'm really intrigued. Your thoughts. I enjoyed it. I thought that people had expectations that we were gonna get new hardware and they didn't get the right toys under the christmas tree and people. I guess were disappointed in that sense. And then there are other people who justifiably criticized apple's for maybe doing some catch up features. But i think overall what they announced it makes ios fifteen's particularly and mac os too but they feel like good updates and it feels like it gives apple room not only to add some some new and useful features but also the ability to baby up some messes in the background because the the level of ambition seems reasonable this year as opposed to trying to do way too much running the risk of breaking things i saw a video and I think it was the verge or one of those one of those places and they were talking about how a lot of android users always joke about the fact that some of these features have been around for quite some time on on opposing operating systems. But the funny thing is in the truth about it is that when they do come out on the apple ecosystem. They tend to be a little bit better. You know sometimes. Emergency better but You know in most cases there's something that stands out there really makes it kind of different and and again you know it's going to go back to android you know the next update And back and forth back and forth and back and forth yoyo game but yeah there are features. I saw that came out of the dc that that really kind of pushed the envelope. Even furthermore andrew gwen yet apple clearly watches to see what others have done and says oh well that's i don't think it's so much that they're copying it's that they it. There's a reason for them especially as they get more and more market share to not be on the bleeding edge and it is it nice to be able to say yeah we invented that thing. Yes but only if it works. That's yeah good point. What's the what's the takeaway for you know from the event itself. I know there's been tons of events since and lots of conversation about new features have been coming out. But what was the big thing that you was a woman for you. That are an a ha moment will style. I don't know if i would say it was on that higher level.

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