A highlight from Part 2: Tom Law, Nick Cosato, Rich Eng


Picture. I haven't you know during covid I don't have a lot of flattering photos and suddenly now. I haven't good one so pretty excited. So thank you for sharing that with me. You're quite welcome. And i'll put it up. I'm sure today with the With with today's listings When i put the list of the visitors for the shout today and for michael. I'm so eager. I i can't wait till he gets this news and he We can publicize it. Because we've actually we have to connections between michael and then the horse and and who who the horse was owned campaign by so i'm i'm particularly excited about their latest acquisition but eat a michael's michael's I don't wanna call it success because it's not a business but the success of old friends as a concept as an entity has has really been remarkable and if the fact that he's turned the retired horse concept it into a destination into a you know a an activity and a centrally. A tourist destination is remarkable. I and and the idea has spread. I mean there there's There's more of this concept that You know is is finding Purchase and you know it started innocently enough you know as his as his film critic career was winding down at the globe And his love for the game. I mean i it and it's so infectious. He's he's just amazing. Yeah i always have a great time with michael. I can remember when he was kind of just getting started out their personal charm and alford knuckles and then of course he moves to georgetown kentucky which ironically or maybe not ironically but has since kind of really risen

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