The End of IP Address Targeting

The Big Story


Joining me. Today is our resident apple identity and privacy expert alison schiff who tuned into the event. Hi i'm blushing and joining. Us is senior editor james hersher. Who was doing a follow up story about apple's changes obfuscating email information as part of its privacy. Updates is there to fund one. Alson you tune dan. So how did apple reveal that. It was pulling ip addresses. Okay so i'll set the scene. Craig federici it's apples. Svp of software engineering. He's in a a well lit section of apple park in cupertino. The sun is shining brightly and pouring in through floor to ceiling curved windows. He's got this big smile on his face because he's talking about ipad. Os and all the cool things you can do. And then all of a sudden his whole demeanor changes he says next. Let's get into privacy. And then he steps on what looks like a button embedded in the floor that opens up into like a man hole in the floor that he jumps into. And then all of a sudden he's in the dark windowless chamber with a black screen behind him and the only word written on it is privacy and then it is very serious tone. He goes into the whole like at apple. We believe privacy is a fundamental human right. You that whole spiel. And then to privacy engineers step out from the darkness from behind the screen and get into some of the details about apple's specific privacy announcements. It was a little telegraphed. He jumped into dark bunker to talk about the evils of ad. Tech data brokers

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