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Amazon web services. It's vital to amazon and incredibly profitable but it's a little boring at not entertainment. How's all this going to work. This information's four one one. I'm cory weinberg on this episode. I'll be talking amazon with my colleagues. Kept mclaughlin and jessica tinkle. Then it's not every week. That company goes out of business after reading two billion dollars. It's like web van or they're enough's but with much less fanfare this week. Construction startup tara told employees. it would shut down. I broke the news. And i'm going to explain the situation. And what it means for softbank. Its biggest investor. The transition of power at amazon is upon us joining me now to talk about what the incoming boss has been up to are the information's kevin mclaughlin and jessica tinkle. Hey guys i cory cory so start with you. Bring us up to speed a little bit. If you will on indeed jesse. He spent fifteen years running this highly technical and successful group in aws the powerhouse of cloud computing services. What's been the key to his success there and how to get the top job at amazon. Now eddie jesse is getting a lot more attention obviously now that he's about to become amazon. Ceo but he's still one of the lesser known enterprise executives out there He joined amazon in nineteen ninety seven the year of its ipo. and he. I caught the eye of jeff bezos by writing. The business plan for a new amazon business at the time selling music. Cd's jaffe argued that it was a logical step for amazon after books. Going to move into cd sales and later he became manager of the group. But any johnson's big break at amazon came around two thousand three. When bezos picked him to be his technical assistant which is a role that involves Shadowing amazon ceo and all of his weekly beatings and acting as a kind of chief of staff. Now other technical assistance under bezos had had somewhat of a difficult time. But jesse really kinda nailed the role and did quite well. During that time he became close friends with phases. And it wasn't long after that. That base house and rick dalzell avezzano chief information officer at the time. named andy to be the chief of what later became. Aws amazon web services. And so jesse is obviously like one of the most powerful enterprise executives out there but until about twenty thirteen even though aws itself had grown to be quite large up by that time. Jesse still wasn't very widely known. Clearly that has changed now. He has become very famous in the industry for his reinvent. Kino's which get longer every year and he memorize every single detail and is has become quite a good presenter compared to the early days of when he was making those appearances. So that's kind of big picture and is there. Is there like an anti jesse fun. Fact that people like to say that you've profiled him in the past we've talked about him on the show before humanize him a little bit. Sure sure He's a huge sports fan. New york area teams where he grew up He has built a sports bar in his basement. And from what. I've read it's a. It's a fully functioning sports bar with tons of tv's and he watches his team. So do that too. If i had like hundreds of millions of dollars that sounds that sounds good. I mean he was also well then he. The amazon executive who was against amazon's potential opening of it nature q two in philly because he didn't He didn't philadelphia's yes. Yes i i saw that report as well. I mean it makes perfect sense to new york. Giants football team and the philadelphia. Eagles are longtime rivals. And i know that from experience having spoken with andy in the past he is a giants fan so yeah there probably is something to that. He is a sports kind of sports bro. With a sports bar and an enterprise software executive who spent you know sort of many years in the arcane trenches of enterprise software and yet some of the most intriguing developments at amazon revolve around media these days two weeks ago amazon dot mgm studios for more than eight billion dollars jessica. You broke the story on that widen amazon by and gm. So mgm has been rumored to the on the block for many years. And i think amazon is kind of been sniffing around for a while. And i think the bottom line is amazon like everyone recognizes that big name tentpole movies. Like the bond franchise which jam has rights to they. Hold it with the broccoli family which family that actually owns bond. Those are the movies that attract audiences and so they also rocky which people don't talk about that that's also a she nge franchise so amazon realizes that yes we're doing great with like the mrs nichols of the world. Have big temple events that people will sign up for prime video to watch that huge difference for the service. So may finally said okay. Let's not eight billion dollars is not that much franson right for sure and the whole foods. Acquisition was was even bigger. But it's okay so this is about attracting content that it can put onto prime video. Have you know as a tentpole to that product. Big names that get people to sign up for services right. Mrs nichols that. Keep them there but the big name to get them on is connecting this back to amazon business as a whole is prime video. Is it a pillar of amazon's business. What what we really know about it. I mean i really feel like up until now it's been more of a loss leader like pundits with something we used to continue to sell prime have viewed it. I don't know if you have a different point of view. I personally think that amazon is focusing more on its advertising business and they have launched an ad supported video service and they're focusing more on advertisers and its place if they could really gain traction so i am wondering if they're using video to kind of build up that businesses well and they recognize her opportunity. There that's really interesting that's been sort of often. One of the most danced around questions about amazon is what does it really truly build it advertising. Powerhouse i mean it. It sort of sneakily big. I think everyone sort of points out but it never been a true focus at the company. Maybe media is the way to go and mr jesse sorta preparing for his role as ceo kevin. You guys reported you. And nick wingfield reported in a story earlier this week that he was closely involved in the recruitment of jeff blackburn back to amazon blackburn with a twenty two. Your amazon veteran who had overseen the company's growing entertainment initiatives before he announced in february that he wouldn't return to the company and was going to become of the sea but now jesse recruited him back to amazon wolf. That all about like. Why is this important for the move. That jesse is made

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