U.S. Economy Added 559,000 Jobs in May


It has been a week of jobs here on this program because their jobs. And that's basically the whole smash right now as you know. The economy added five hundred fifty nine thousand of them in may and that as i'm sure you'll be shocked to here is where we will begin the next six and a half minutes of our day katherine pels at the washington post k davidson wall street journal. Hey do okay so let me start with you And what i said in the open. Their expectations chm expectations. Even though i probably said that wrong Here's the deal all right fine. Five hundred fifty. Nine thousand jobs is a lot of but a lot of the coverage this morning and through the day has been ono we missed. It's not as many as we thought. And i just want to push back on that for a minute because let's be honest. This is a lot of jobs. It's a lot of jobs and look the forecasts. Were all over the place. There's a lot of uncertainty right now. Some people were expecting a million jobs. Some people were expecting three hundred thousand jobs. Right smack in the middle. Was this six hundred. Seventy thousand number that get cited as the consensus but consensus implies a lot more unanimity Than there actually was so there was a lot of uncertainty year right. I will say that it wasn't that long ago. That economists were forecasting in the neighborhood. More or economists. I should say we're forecasting the neighborhood of a million jobs and like last month last month and expectations have been ratcheted down and so in that sense. I guess it is a little disappointing. But look where. We are clearly recovering. And it's gonna take a while before we get back to where we were.

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