A highlight from Hour 1: Don't Blame Anthony Davis


Ad was not in any condition to play last night. He was not in any condition to play. That was obvious before he even took the court just walking out. His gate was severely affected. And i didn't understand the decision to plan. Because i'm thinking i'm watching him walk. So let's say the lakers win this game. Somehow he wouldn't be able to go for game. Seven a hamstring is the kind of injury. It's a micro tearing the muscle. It's the kind of injury that only gets worse if you don't rest it it's not like you're gonna play through it no it's just gonna get worse and worse and i'm thinking wait. This is as good as he's going to be in the next two games right now every moment after this will be worse than this. What's he doing out on the floor. I think about if he didn't play then he doesn't have to get ready to play that day more rest then he doesn't have to play the next day and then the day after that. Finally maybe you come out and help you in a game seven. If you get through game six well. Max without a and game six. There wouldn't be a game seven. I'm not so sure. I'm not so sure about that. Actually you know what i saw. I saw lakers team. That was discombobulated. By the fact that was out there and by the way c. p. Three was hunting him. Chris paul soy. They ran every offensive play toward ad because he could move. So the lakers defense is swiss cheese and they can't do anything on offense and it took the lakers the entire rest of the half to come out of that. Now that would be as opposed to like coming into the game. Realizing you're not gonna have a d- okay. What lineups are we gonna go to all that kind of stuff. Maybe you're not down almost thirty at the half or whatever it was because by the way when they adjusted to not playing with a d. They cut to single digits at one point. We've lebron bad ankle. they cut it to single digits. No it's not a peaceful for limping out there and trying to give it a go. You know whose fault it is. It's our fault all of the rest of us not be the rest of us. Who do i mean by the rest of us. Let me start with me. I tweet about them and send out the gift or is it a jif gift for jif. Resilient femur meam or something. I don't know what it's something. But the point is it's sam jackson from unbreakable. They called me mr glass. I'm calling a mr glass charles. Barkley's calling street clothes. Stephen is on. I take talking about dilemma here about you need to get it cleared from the medical profession. You have to decide to all that pressure on a d. And he goes out there and we got. We shot ourselves in. The foot lakers fans i. It's time for straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk wireless so. The suns advanced beating the lakers one. Thirteen one hundred. The end of that series game six first round series. They lose devon booker. What i say going into the series little mini mama forty seven points eleven boards eight three pointers. The suns led by as many as twenty nine in the first half. They picked apart the la defense which was number one in the nba inefficiency prior to the playoffs. Because they had anthony davis by the way lebron james on a bad ankle. Got that the single digits with a supporting cast. That was not worth their. You know what was the expression. I dunno salt wait. They're not worth their weight in salt. Let alone gold. Listen this lakers. Supporting cast was not good. And you could see where. Taylor horton tucker will eventually be a guy that the lakers can have success with but that day is not today and it wasn't last night not yet and by the way when players age like lebron the fact is they're more prone to injury so i get it. Well this is what you get with an older player. That's true but if you take well you can't take away the ankle injury because he's older now. Okay i get it. But it's not like his overall explosiveness or or strength or reflexes had diminished from. What i saw last night it was just the ankle so if his ankle had happened not to be hurt he'd been fine even if he's no longer the best player in the game by this time next year as long as he's not actually hurt the time of the playoffs he can be finding forget he in the bubble. They went to the finals and won the finals again. Lebron every year has all this extra basketball to play and then there was an abbreviated off season and a ad. He's injury prone. It could very well be that some years. He's just hurting playoff. Time and the lakers are screwed. But there's some years where he's not hurting. Playoff time and lakers can win a championship. You've been there two years. The first year is healthy. They won the championship. The next thing is hurt and they didn't. But you know what lakers fans don't really galls me about this whole thing and i get a little bit emotional talking about this. I stop and

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