A highlight from Feeling Lost in Your Twenties



Now hi everyone and welcome to or back to ageless so it's just me today. It's just kit. And i wanted to do a little bit of a life catch up with you guys so if you follow me on instagram. About a week ago or two weeks ago. Now i posted about my birthday and i was really really sad at the time. Just because i'm turning twenty two. And i felt like i needed to somehow make up for my twenty first birthday being in quarantine and my twenty first birthday just to say it right up front was really fun I just had a few of my girlfriends over to my house and we had dinner here very cute and fitting obviously for the times But yeah i was. Just feeling kind of down about my twenty-second because i didn't have plans. It was a week before. And i didn't what i wanted to do And i genuinely think that it should be a requirement for being friends with someone that you plan their birthday. Because i think planning your own birthday really stinks so i was just going to do little brunch with my friends that were in the city at the time but one of my best friends slowly actually texted me a few days before my birthday and said just be ready on friday at six thirty. I have it all handled in honestly. I wanted to cry just hearing that because it took a lot of the pressure off me to choose the people that i wanted to be there and Plan something fun that everyone else when a joy and i think a lot of times like your birthday can kind of become about people at the end of the day if you're planning it because you just want everyone to have a good time even if they're not all friends yes so anyway. Lily texted me and said be ready. So on friday around six thirty. I hear loud music coming from outside and i knew i had to be ready at that time and so in my head. I'm imagining louis. Standing in the street with a little speaker in her hand playing music in just being like get ready you know like i planned a dinner with the girls or whatever i go outside and the music is coming from a full party. Bus decorated with balloons. you know. All of my friends were there. We went to a few spots around the city. They had like a whole night. Plan for me We went to mr purple for drinks and then we ended up going to american bar than our friend's house after and it was just. It was perfect. I definitely cried many times throughout the night.

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