Natural Ways to Treat Textured Skin

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Thought sonya car. She is a true celebrity facialists. Having worked on everybody from blended paltrow to madonna and her beautiful daughter mimi to carberry. They are both now working on sonia. Takhar skin skin-care and of course have fabulous skin clinic in beverly hills. Hello ladies thank you so much for joining me today. I got thank you so much for having us. You have this fabulous blog. And i noticed one of the post was on textured skin we are now going into. It is like the kick off to summer. I don't know about you in beverly hills but here in new york. I feel like we've all been you know basically hiding under rocks you know and we're ready to come out now but our skin you know whether it's something like caritas. Polaris or maybe it's just we've got dry scaly skin we all want to come out and be gorgeous and glowing for summer Do you have some tips on how we can sort of tackle that when it comes to her skin skin on the face and on the body. It's interesting you bring out because when we were louis wanna right. Barry educational law goes on walk. The estimate just per website nobody talks texture skin. I even researched it. There's very few articles about it and the thing people talk about acne or wrinkles made even rotation but textures in anything as soon as you and you can't cover it with makeup sin as the light hits your skin specifically right now right this summer people getting vaccinated people are starting to go out and right now. Cbc just released. You don't have to wear masks. You actually go see your skin for the first time in over a beer this socket. That light hits your skin. Anything that's not baby smooth is texture skin. Acne dowry reina's. It's one of the big things that sony has been treating at the clinical. Let you talk about like honor. Different tips on what you happy. Ball but it. It could be from a variety of skincare dermatitis. Something huge at sony's been seeing in the last two years anything could really lead to texture skin

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