How Being Yourself Makes You a Better Leader with Minter Dial


You call yourself. I have seen that. You sometimes call yourself an elevator and you just use that word. So what do you mean by that. I love that idea as you just hinted at it so. Open that door a little bit further all right. So i when. I did my Documentary film. I went on a do they do these festivals and hope you get exposed and maybe win a prize so one of them was in charleston south carolina and i arrived funny stories. I ride on the airplane. I didn't have anyone sitting beside me. And is the first time. I was upset about that. Because i never. I didn't have someone say so. Sir what are you doing here. Well i'm here for the film festival festival. I didn't have a chance. Say it anyway. Old news i the following morning jetlag went on a run around charleston and as i was running around i i saw a big bungee cord which i put her on my waist and i i went running on because it was just lying in the street and i went running on and all of a sudden i saw a big sign that was upside down. I ran over and my curiosity. Got the better me. What is that sign. What does that sign telling me. And i went running back to turn it over and it an elevator sign in the middle of a beautiful park as well as crazy so i ran back home with the elevator on the bungee cord and i finally said right. There's something's happening here. And it struck me that i needed to fine-tune my my my north star phrase to be someone who elevates the debate and connects people dotson ideas and so that the elevator really comes from the elevator sign. So it's my monica. It's it means something to me. And i'm trying to use it as an helping the elevator debate in whatever activity. I'm doing

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