The Pandemic's True Death Toll

60-Second Science


Know that. Kobe has caused unthinkable number of deaths. More than half a million in the us alone. But you've been looking at new research. Tanya and could the true number of deaths during the pandemic be even larger since have looked at the number of excess deaths or deaths beyond the amount you'd expect in a typical year and showed that there were far more deaths than usual in twenty twenty at the national and state levels in a new pre print study andrew stokes professor of population health at boston university and his colleagues calculated excess deaths at the county level disparities how these deaths were attributed to kobe in different parts of the country rural counties especially ones in the south and west had the highest rates of excess deaths not attributed to covid. Some of these. Were likely cova deaths that were mis attributed to other illnesses especially early on when kobe testing was limited others may have been deaths from other causes. That indirectly resulted from the pandemic social and economic fallout. Why did this miscount occur. More often in rural areas in cities deaths often happened in hospitals were doctors or medical examiner's pronounce the cause of death but in rural areas. Jobs often done by coroners or other elected officials who don't have a medical background stokes. His team hypothesized that. In some cases a coroner's political views might have influenced likelihood of attributing and death dacoven regardless of what caused the deaths. It's important to understand the true impact the pandemic has had on communities especially those that were disproportionately affected by it.

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