Your Future Sex Robot Could Be Hacked and Programmed To Murder You


My horror when i saw mike werner's piece at consumer gadget website. Bg are dot com with the headline. Your future sex robot could be hacked and programmed to murder you. The technology sector about technology ltd win rights. But there's no telling what the future could hold. Death by sex robot could end up on some unfortunate souls. Tombstone all right. I i wanna say good job. Biji are good job with that headline it addresses readers as a group that will in the future all have sex robots so it doesn't other people who want or will have sex. Robots in the future is not talking to a presumed group of default quote normal readers about all those freaks out there who will have sex robots in the future but instead assumes that everyone's going to have a sex robot at least everyone who reads consumer gadget websites which may be a safe assumption or maybe sex robots are going to be like colored. Tv's and microwave ovens the richest kids on the block. We'll have him first but pretty soon. Everyone's dads can have one now. Winter's piece hacked killer sex robots from twenty but it made the twitter around last week for reasons only down to the algorithms that rule our lives and will continue to rule our lives until skynet is operational but the premise makes sense. Our elections are gas. Pipelines are remotely locking male chastity devices all hacked in recent years so of course our sex robots are going to get hacked

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