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Here, and here comes Kyle Busch down to the crew, Kyle Busch, bringing his car into the attention of the crew. Blake Houston is the front tire changer. Jeff Cordero was the rear tire changer, tire carriers Joe Cross and T. J. Ford. The Jack Man, Fueler is Matthew Carroll around on the left side, the com left side tires off left side players on and it looks like Kyle Busch is down in a way. Kim Kun Ryan Newman, just finish up his service. Here is Austin Dillon in the Andes Frozen custard, Chevrolet. The team going to work one fuel can in the right side tires. Go on, Jack. Now they are on the left side. It's going to be another Candice, Um Novo fuel. Here we go for Austin Dillon left side tires on. Look, that's tight down on the way for Austin Dillon was that $100,000 pit Stop or not? We don't know. We know one driver That's not going to win. $100,000 Kyle Busch busted too fast. Getting onto pit road $100,000 is just evaporated from KB. Who comes across the line right now. Meanwhile, Mike Bagley, we got a battle for the lead. It is William Byron that has it. Kyle Larson's trying to take it away their nose to tail literally and about 10 car lengths over a battle for third. Would chase Elliott Ryan blaming out. Blaney will bail off the backing. He's coming to pit road. All the drivers from 13th on back that made a pit stop. Or a lap down everybody else that's still on the track That hasn't pit it's going to have to do that. It should cycle back around to get everybody back on the lead lap black flag being given to Kyle Busch again he was busted for speeding coming onto pit road. He's going to have to make a pass through penalty as Ryan Blaney goes ahead Steve Post and makes the stop. On the tire changes Greg Donnellan and Zachary Price with a tire chair Changers carrier on that is way more good pit stop as well for Ryan Blaney and he is back down in the way headed back up onto the speed. 1 11 have pitted 11 have not meaning. We have 11 cars right now on Lead lap that we've got one more car busted. And that is Austin Dillon. He will not win $100,000. With his team busted for speeding. Austin Dillon will take his blue and yellow Camaro for past food penalty. And you know, the other thing that we've got to add to. This is how you finish here is going to determine how you take the green flag with a 10 lap run for a million dollars. So not only are you not going to win 100 Grand That stopped may have just cost you a million dollars and you knew it was going to happen with all that pressure on these drivers to get down pit row. You wait and you wait 100 Grand Adam and say Go cat go They're going to they're going to fly in there as hot as they can and leave us hot as they can in a couple of didn't make it and Kyle Busch, I'll tell you that pit crews amazing on that number 18 car. The cow's gonna be kicking himself right

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