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It were making a switch from eating that standard western diet. That's high in fat high in calories high. In the risk of leading an unhealthy life making a switch toward a healthier lifestyle. One that is filled with a cleaner diet a healthier diet and a healthier lifestyle for sure and one of the men helping to lead that switch for us is indeed the ceo and co founder of ruby. And now switch. Mr joe girardi joe. Thank you so very much for being here my friend. You're having me chuck it's great to be here True or false you through ruby which came out in two thousand and five and now switch more recently have reached one million students give or take one hundred and eighty countries already. Yeah we were early players in the online education so we actually launched her first sight in two thousand eight and we do a lot of professional training in thirty five hundred four thousand hotels now in five languages and it's been a really fun ride for those who aren't yet familiar with ruby and we will get into switch but i think you gotta know one to kind of understand the other a little bit. What what is ruby. So ruby is a is one of the leading online culinary schools and was created because we wanted to provide basic foundational cuckney education to people all over the world that wanted just improve their skills to improve their health. And so we're by other co founder. Don thomas she and i are both professional chefs. And when you go to culinary school you learn techniques cooking methods and how to use a pot and a pan and hold a knife and apply heat and develop flavor and you don't learn recipes. You learn the techniques to execute a recipe so You know we felt at the time that The food network was one of the fastest growing. Cable networks cookbook. Sales is one of the top three categories of all book sales. Everybody was hungry for recipes and trying to learn to become better but they were all learning the runway. They weren't learning like scheffler. So we thought let's capture professional cooking school curriculum which we did over about eight years. And let's democratize access to that content to reach people all over the world they just need basic cooking education. It's like breathing. Everybody learn how to cook. So that's that's the that is really cool. You're teaching fundamentals more so than actual recipes. And where do you think that people go wrong like you were saying so if you just give a person a recipe not necessarily the the best way to get them maybe on that course for a healthier life or get them better in the kitchen long-term so why is that. Why i think. I think when you sa- recipes are amazing resources particularly for inspiration but if you think about a method in a recipe where it says you know a brown ingredient in a pan or stir fry or saute or schiff anad or these are all techniques that requires some competency. You need for example when you're browning something that pan to know how to heat the pan of the right temperature what that looks like what it sounds like when you had the ingredients to the pan. So they're simple things that anybody can learn a five year old can learn a lot of these things. But you need to understand that if you don't know how to heat the pan properly and know when to add an ingredient into that pan and you do it at the wrong time than you're going to your success is going to be hidden and you may steam instead of saute because you've got the wrong temperature so just understanding those fundamental nuances those auditory visual hughes cooking a really really critically important to the whole process. So ben then methods become easy you can execute any recipe if you know how to heat the pan properly or adan ingredient shift in or sauter. Stir-fry learn those fundamentals just like a doctor learns medical procedures right yet. Yeah you wouldn't operate without having the basics yet. And i would think that it also would make somebody more inclined to continue their culinary vendors in the kitchen if you teach them these fundamentals because it gives them confidence. They know what they're doing. Maybe then it becomes even more fun for them to go in there and play around and adapt these recipes and make healthier versions of them. That's the goal chuck. We're gonna make fun again. I think it's a chore and it's overwhelming and if they just take sort of baby steps to make improvements in their their technique and their skill. So let's flash forward now to twenty twenty just one year ago and let's talk about switch which has a plant based focus so how does that differ from ruby is just the plant based twist no. There's a couple of things that we moved into offering plant based courses. I'm hundred percent. Time base but i wasn't before i'm a french trained chefs. I eat a lotta animal products in my career in my history But when we were developing plant based courses for ruby we thought we need to live it so dawn and i both went base for thirty days and watch the documentaries and talked to doctors read books and land way too much and went back and So we launched a couple of really amazing courses one was with forks over knives So we we partnered with them and we are power. They're all nike school. And the other one's with the plantation project with dr stowell And we developed a course called culinary rx though both amazing curriculum driven courses where people can start and finish their sixty day courses and there's losers short and long version for folks but what we learned over the last four or five years is we looked at where people disengaged right so we get a pretty good completion rate on those courses and what we learned is that everybody is uniquely different. They have different level of skill. They have different food and flavor profile preferences and so rather than deliver the same curriculum. Everybody starts at the same place to cook the same recipes. We said let's find out where they're in the kitchen in their their skill level and what kind of foods they like what they need to learn and then recommend content to them and they build their own curriculum. So that's the big change between Switch and and some other wellness offerings at ruby is that this is what you coming. It's kind of a blank slate right. We ask you some questions. You learn a bit more about you as you interact with the content and then we recommend stuff and you build your own path. There's no star is no end date. You can take one day a week. One day a month when they doesn't matter earned certification professional shah. But you're going to hopefully become a really competent home cook

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