FaceTime Is Breaking Out of iOS, Sort Of

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Facetime is breaking out of ios. Sort of right talk about this. Yeah i feel like it's a it's a half measure of breaking out so what they're doing is that they are making it so that i can join facetime video chat if i'm not an iphone or ipad owner and the way that it works. Is that an iphone or ipad or mak owner has to create a link and then make it available to me so i guess text message or email or whatever and then i go to a website which then is able to access my camera and have me be in a facetime call so i can't originate facetime calls. I can't set up an message account. If i don't an iphone ipad or mak but it's an interesting kind of first step and and it does make it a two people in a way. That wasn't before. yeah. I think that's what you call a half-measure which i agree it's definitely half-measure. It's definitely like a lockdown. It's very apple way of opening themselves up. But you're right this does Open the possibility of more folks actually jumping on facetime and that's kind of what they need right now. Working in fact. I think we kinda to zoom really wish. This feature was available last year when we were all really really locked down and totally depended on video conferencing

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