How Your Amazon Device Can Say Your Name Correctly

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Hey tare here with your flash briefing now. I want to be a tip today about what to do. If lexie is not pronouncing your name correctly. And i actually think back. I believe this was a question from one of our community members. A little while back. And here's what you do. There is no way to actually get lexi to pronounce a phonetically correct by asking you to do that. You have to kind of use us little hack and basically what you do. Is you go into your amazon profile. The profile that's connected to your lexi account and where your name is in that profile. You change it so that you spell your name phonetically and when you do that now when lexi says your name she will use that. Fanatical is that a word fanatical phonetically correct spelling and she should be able to pronounce it correctly. So i hope that's helpful for particularly have one of those names. That's just a little bit more difficult to

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