A highlight from Side Effects of Palestine (with Nada Mays)

Small Doses


Missed. Funky small doses. Folks how are we where are we. What are we doing. Well if you've been anywhere basically and kind of like the guy said things whether it comes to current events or just on social. I'm sure that you have been hearing quite a bit about palestine and a lot of us have had kind of like a even like a nebulous consciousness that there's some shit that be going on in palestine and israel like over there and i think a lot of us. It's it feels so over there that it just feels like you know. It's not really our fight to fight. And we are finding fights here in the states on a regular basis particularly specifically as black folks when it comes to reality the prison industrial complex just actually walking and talking and being black without people being stop doing that etc so you know for a lot of folks and i will include myself. It just felt like that was such a foreign conflict that seemed to be shrouded in so many layers that it seemed like it was something that conceptually couldn't wrap my head around and for what it's worth when things really starting to blow up in recent weeks. I was being pressured by folks online to speak about it. Knowing that i speak on a regular basis about injustices across the world and so i kind of had to like immerse myself overnight into the information of things because of course like. I don't like being pressured. But i also like not knowing things like. There's a fomo so ho so i got to work. And and funnily enough you know the con- the confusion factor feels like it's something that people have inserted to try and keep people away from really learning what's really going on in terms of the conflict between palestine and israel and there's a lot of people who when you speak about it will say like oh you don't know the history of you don't know what you're talking about kind of as a way to like silence the oprah question are you silent or are you being silence and i am somebody who knows that like information is confidence so the more you know the more founded you'll be in your conviction of your voice and what you're saying and i always want to be able to help extend that to y'all so alive you may not know but i m my mother's only child but i do have two sisters and two brothers by my father and their mother is a palestinian descendant. Like she is of that her parent her grandparents and great grandparents refugees and so we have a lineage on that side and they are my family. So that's connected to me and my sister was like by the way. Let's you know if you wanna know anything about out there. We got information over here and cuts and thus brings us to today where we have a my blood sister neta

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