facebook says Russia Is Still the Biggest Player in Disinformation


Belgium disrupt cyber espionage in the wake of microsoft's recent disclosure of exchange server vulnerabilities belgium's federal public service interior launch. An investigation in march with the help of the center for cyber security belgium. The agency eventually discovered a cyber espionage campaign underway that dated back to two thousand nineteen. Although it's unclear if the campaign was related to experts in the exchange vulnerabilities that triggered the investigation authorities characterize the damage from the campaign as a limited and contained despite existing for years the operators had sabir capacities and extensive resources with timing. That suggests a state actor. Facebook says russia is still the largest producer of misinformation. This comes from a new report. The company released this week detailing how the platform disrupted one hundred. Fifty different disinformation operations overall. Facebook claims to have uncovered disinformation campaigns in more than fifty countries. Since twenty seventeen aside from russia iran myanmar the united states and ukraine were the most identified originating countries of disinformation operations while the united states ukraine britain libya and sudan were the most frequently targeted. Facebook isn't just taking actions against misinformation campaigns however the company announced a new system that reduce distribution of all posts from individual accounts that routinely share misinformation. This policy had previously been in place for pages and groups but has now extended to individual accounts. What's absues over indian. It laws these laws were originally passed in february and effective on may twenty six. The law requires messages to be put traceable database to identify unlawful content. This would require what's up to no longer offer end to end encrypted messaging in order to be compliant. What's up to the. Laws are unconstitutional and a violation of citizens rights to the preservation of privacy comparing the traceability requirement of the law to mass surveillance

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