Howard Names College of Fine Arts for Chadwick Boseman


The man who starred in Black Panther is being mounted in a big way at his alma mater when Chadwick Boseman was a student at Howard University he helped lead a student protest of plans to merge the college of fine arts into the college of arts and sciences recently the arts college was re instituted and now the school says it will be named after Bozeman Donna comes less than a year after both men died at age forty three of colon cancer and it re establishes a tide that he had with the newly minted school's dean Felicia Rashad the two met when both men was an undergrad and he considered her a mentor both men rose to prominence playing this year was a black icons in movies like Jackie Robinson James Brown and Thurgood Marshall he was nominated for an Oscar in his last movie role in ma Rainey's black bottom on Oscar wells Gabriel

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