Absurd Spoken Word: A Unmedicated Journey of Self-Expression

Mind Body No Soul


I will now begin an entirely unscripted unmedicated journey of self expression through song of spoken word. Ma is shining vessel of truth. I look to the mall. I how can you how with me. Oh guy jody's they run. Are they having fun. Is anyone candles. The flames they burned they flick the elderly couple loving but they bicker the outdoor furniture. Is it wicker rain rain. Go away com again. Some other day for. I don't need any hydration. The tears provide the moisture in neabry clouds like pillows in the sky. I lay my head trying to cry but the well run dry the birds they chirp the whales. They say we wait for the bell of abundance to ring on the see saw of life we rise and we fall. Lance armstrong did the tour de france with only one ball. She flows with the wins and sleeps with the stars jan. Sing in the mist. Dodging birds and car I and is she me connecting both to and sea Hang gwynn's hustles surf and turf. Life can't always just be herff

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