Community Reels After Nine Killed in San Jose Shooting



After years of planning. The council had approved just hours before daybreak the expansion of Google's Mecca campus, which is expected to bring with it the kind of economic prosperity The city has an experienced in decades. But that celebration was eclipsed by a mass shooting. Here's California governor Gavin Newsom. There's a numbness. I imagine some of us are feeling about this because there's a sameness to this. Any Where USA Just feels like this happens over and over and over again. Rinse and repeat friends and repeat nine people were killed. The shooter killed himself on scene. San Jose now has the distinction as the 15th city in America to experience a mass shooting this year. Oddity. Bundle A moody lives just a few blocks away from where these shootings happened. A rail yard just outside of downtown San Jose. She's a reporter for KQED. I got the call at 7 30 in the morning that there was a mass shooting. That was happening. I was getting ready to work on for their coverage of the Google deal when I started seeing reports of the shooting that the police have sanctioned off that area And then I headed over there Bond. The moody raced to the news conference is to gather more information. San Jose Mayor Sam Ricardo spoke about the victims, some of whom were transit employees at the Valley Transportation Authority. These are the women and men. Support our community through this pandemic. They showed up for work every day is essential workers despite risk to their own health. They did it because they understood their mission their commitment to public service. We owe them and their families so much, And as the names of the victims were released, people like San

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