A highlight from Mark Bell's Saturday School EP. 32 - How To Embrace Something NEW


The leap and actually my sleep has been sleeping pretty good lately. My sleep was good and then my son got his Next round of shots so yeah not a reaction but you know like got hot fever and he was a hard time sleeping so i had a hard time sleeping. Not only care for that. Fever is more cowbell xactly or more trend. There's always got the vaccine for he. The trend vaccine here. We went going around. You know got the same cycle as not only that would have been my son gonna say that many titan all come up and i'm gonna say he's still natty. He's not on any Each johnny actual steroids. He's m. k. Six seven seven and car during the moment is my understanding so my thing was what if it is a natural steroid like what if it's like as trend like okay. Maybe it's not natural but like what if it's like an organic compound you mean like what if your body already produces it china demise it no just testosterone. Maybe just a little dab here and their common people said i love steroids. I'll be on an often invest in my life. I said bigger stronger faster. And i still stick by their amazing should we do is just talk about steroids. Forget the whole topic. i'm down. i mean you know everyone else will be down. I know people love him. Well i think you and i both agree. They're awesome they are awesome. They're helpful know and I think i think in terms of like what we're seeing with hormone

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