Drinking Water out of Thin Air


So rob welcome. You're the chief. Revenue officer of source global. Which is created the world's first renewable drinking water system water. Something we clearly all need to survive. So how should we think about the problem of accessible. Clean drinking water. Thanks alex and nick. It's nice to be with you the way that we think about the problem i think is first recognizing drinking water is not a problem to pay for that instead. He's like Melvin when we look at the problem we really look at where the existing models which are affectively remini era technologies that access clean drinking water distributed to pay big cities. Where isn't that working effectively. And so i believe there's about forty percent of people in the world about two point one billion who don't have access to clean water where i live and is a significant todd of that about eight hundred million died have even access to basic water. Many any type of water within a thirty minute commute from where i live and in astrology. I you look at one million households in australia. The not so by utilities that leave on fobs that let remind communities. That's the basis of the wash problem compounded on that is actually the impact. That problem has on the people so outcomes beyond just water but looking at things like gender women and girls spend two hundred million hours every day collecting water from their families. Health statistics employment statistics education statistics in rural and remote areas like hugely limited by that fundamental water constraint. And then you've got the environmental problems that stemmed from that they they have a trillion single use. Plastic bottles of water used every year. It's a billion dollar market in australia. That's growing at a at a high right. And so that's effectively the types of water problems that that were set out to solve.

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