A highlight from MISSING: Branson Perry

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And one is a windy thursday afternoon in the rural town of skidmore missouri. And joe winston. It is on her way home from the grocery store when she decides to stop by her son. Bob's house in it's on the way. And she wants to check on her twenty year old grandson branson who she hasn't heard from in a couple of days you see brinson lives with his dad and pretty much always has no. That wasn't always the plant. After highschool branston was determined to join the army but because of a heart condition that he had been diagnosed with at birth. He was ineligible so instead he worked as a roofer for awhile and then kind of like bounced around doing some odd jobs. Working with traveling petting zoo. Oh yeah that is kind of an odd job right now. He was pretty much piecing together work while he looked for something more permanent. Anyway branson had been so low and holding down the fort. The house for the last like three or four days while bob was in the hospital and i don't know exactly why he was in the hospital. Most of the source material in this case just talks about bob having like several existing health conditions. But no one seems to be very like specific like further than that according to an article by sika hasso for rare. Us joanne make sure branson is good like she's not fully worried that something is wrong like they go a bit without talking sometimes but this has been long enough to make joanne decide to stop by the house and just see what's up right like concerned. Grandma's style exactly as joanne turns onto west oak street. Where branson imbaba live up in front of the house and sees branson's van parked in the driveway and she can hear that the radio in the house is on like loud on because she can hear it playing all the way from the street. Julian notices that. There doesn't seem to be anyone around outside so she climbs out of her car and makes her way up the driveway to the front door. Thinking that someone has to be inside the doors unlock so she opens it and calls branson as she makes her way through the home when she reaches the back door in the kitchen she notices that that too is unlocked. So is that pretty normal. Like where i grew up. My family hardly ever locked the door so for me. This wouldn't be that weird. Yeah it actually is normal in skidmore according to the mini docu series called. No one saw thing. There's less than three hundred people in this whole town. So oh wow. Yeah this tiny literally. Everybody knows everybody and heck like leave your door wide open if he wants so unlock doors alone. Didn't strike joanna's weird or out of the ordinary. But that wasn't the thing she noticed joanne sees most of the windows are open and the furnace is on and blasting and branson's wanted and keys are like right there so altogether it seems like someone would be homelike should be home but the houses just straight up deserted now. Julian doesn't panic though. Based on the state of the house. She just kind of figures that branson had either left in a hurry or he's literally going to be back any minute so she turns off the radio. She turns off all the lights like again. full grandma. She turns up the furnace logs indoors. Except for the front door and she starts to make her way back home now. The way that the next few days unfolded is reported differently by different sources but for consistency. I'm going to stick with the version of events that branson's mom becky wrote in a post on the bring brands and home website. And then like basically. She reiterated an interview. She didn't thousand seven with todd. Matthews where she further elaborate on these events as joanne sits at home on thursday night concern continues to grow as the hours pass. And she still hasn't heard anything from branson she decides you know what i'm gonna give it just another day only been twenty four hours. Branson is a grown man. He can come and go as he pleases but the next day passes with no word from him and by saturday morning joanne gets back in her car and drives by the perry house once again and the house was completely untouched from when she had come by two days earlier on thursday again. She drives home this time with a pit in her stomach and she decides she's not going to wait around anymore. She needs to do something so

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