Are Black Creators Really on ‘Strike’ From TikTok?


According to my best and friend of the pod taylor law from the new york times of twenty one year old content creator and dancer posted a fake out. Dance on tiktok. His name is eric. Lewis or louis. I'm not sure how he pronounces it in the video. He looks like he's about to dance to Medicine the stallion one of my favorites New single Thought algebra even at that and when the beat drops he basically flipped the bird and says to the camera psych. You don't know what psych means that means like I trust you in Slang from the eighties and he basically puts a caption that says. This app would be nothing without b. l. k. People black people. The video has racked up over one hundred. Twenty eight thousand likes on tick tock And it went viral on twitter. According to laurenz. And i'm going to quote here. Some tweets suggests that black raiders on tiktok had seemingly agreed not to choreograph a dance to the song which would force non black users to come up with dances on their own and prove how essential black raiders are to the platform in a later. Tiktok eric. the person who promoted this video sad black folks have always had to galvanize and riot and protest to get their voices heard that same dynamic is displayed on tiktok. Said we're being forced to collectively protest a user deja on twitter Said that black creators are telling each other to not make a dance to the new megan the samsung to prove they are the backbone of the app another quote. We are being exploited. And that's the core issue. Black folks have had in terms of labor. Mr lewis or louis. Sorry if i'm pronouncing correctly. These millions of likes. That should all translate to something. How do we get real money. Power and proper compensation reserve and the tweet from taylor today to frame this as an issue around dance credits misses the point. It's about so much more and speaks to broader issues of labor in the creator economy. We are being exploited. And that's a core issue. Black folks have always had in terms of labor. Eric said

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