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I'm your co hosted crasnick. My co-host jennifer kalari coming on shortly. She's a licensed therapist. And i'm an erotic beth. Basically where we leave it on today. Show of wonderful comedian. Very talented multitalented and has a a special on amazon prime which is one of the best. Titles i've ever heard for a special Her name is erica. Rhodes she's going to join us shortly and her tight. The title of her special is lovey on roads. That is such a cool title. Okay so we have a lot to talk about today where the show that explores mental health. We talk about mental health issues as a lot of talk going on about mental health everywhere but we also like to practice skills because mental health is a practice. It's something that you you actually do. And when i say you i mean me. It's something that we do every minute of every day. We're just not aware of it and so now we're learning how we can shift things you know. And why feelings come on. It's about how we relate to our thoughts and feelings and you would think that we would have a lot of practice at this. But we really don't because i don't know why i don't know what the answer is. We have all kinds of advances in technology but in mental health nod a ton of advances So we're gonna work with that so on today's show. I thought we could talk about relationships. And i thought we could talk about dating post pandemic and what intimacy is. I don't know what it is. But i'm just throwing it out to the group. Sit back relax. Take whatever medication. You're on take it now and We'll we're going to enjoy the ride It's going to be an emotional roller coaster. Throw your hands up in the air like you just do care. I sound like an fm dj from nineteen eighty-four. Here we go We always like to welcome people based on wherever they're out emotionally so here are emotional. Shoutouts if you're on a dating app and dream of someone taking a swipe at you welcome if you feel like the butterflies in your stomach should beyond zoloft. Welcome if you gave your mom a better help gift card. Welcome if you want to go out but also feel like you want to stay home and you're doing emotional cha-cha welcome if your default response to everything is what do i look like a magician to you. Welcome if you sprain your lips because you're not used to smiling welcome and if you wanna go swimming but don't feel like changing your pajamas and wish there was something called the pajama keeney. Welcome and if you're beating yourself up even now there's always a place to right here on the mental. Health comedy podcast. Today's show is brought to you by the new dating app day. Tari tari actually lets you. Simulate

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