Biden: US would intervene with military to defend Taiwan


Drawing comparisons to Ukraine President Biden says the U.S. would intervene militarily if China were to invade Taiwan President Biden was in a news conference in Tokyo this morning and when a reporter asked him this question are you willing to get involved militarily to defend Taiwan if it comes to that Yes It's the strongest statement about Taiwan from a U.S. president in decades The idea that it can be taken by force has taken by force is just not appropriate Dislocate the entire region and be another action similar to what happened in Ukraine China claims the island is a rogue province therefore a ministry expressed strong dissatisfaction in opposition to Biden's statement saying China will take firm action to safeguard its sovereignty and security interests The 1979 Taiwan relations act made it policy for the U.S. to ensure Taiwan has the resources to defend itself but does not require the U.S. to step in I'm Jennifer King

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