Why Doesn't Joe Biden Condemn Protests Outside SCOTUS Justices' Homes?


Administration condemning the illegal protests outside the homes of Supreme Court Justices? Every day they don't do that is another day that puts the Supreme Court in danger. And you know what? There are Republican leaders, you want to know why people flock to Texas or Florida or even Virginia. Because of governors because of red state governors or even purple states with a Republican governor like Glenn youngkin. Listen to what governor Glenn youngkin said to Jesse watters last night on Fox News. This leak was done to cause chaos, and it was done in order to stoke picketing and parades in order to try to influence justices. And oh, by the way, that's why governor Hogan and I have absolutely demanded that attorney general Garland enforced the federal statute, which is to put people in jail for parading and picking. I don't think he's going to do that though. Do you think Garland's going to step up and do that? I will tell you, I don't think he will, and he absolutely should. It's clear in the statute that that's illegal and he should enforce it. So what are we going to do? We have substantial, we have substantial assets in our state police and we in fact are poised ready to make sure that there's no violence at our justice's homes that the justices are safe. Their neighbors are safe and the demonstrators need to be

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