After buying Bungie, Sony goes all in on live service games - TechCrunch


Move these number two. There are two more live service games from PlayStation this fiscal year. We go to VGC where Andy Robinson's doing God's work and writes, PlayStation is set to release two live service games during its current fiscal year, which ends March 2023. That's according to Sony interactive entertainment president Jim Ryan, who said during a business briefing on Thursday that the company currently had what it considered to be one live service game in MLB the show 22. Of course, with the packs and you open up the cards and you do your whole gameplay that way. A slide shared during the briefing show that the company plans to expand the number of service services, games by two during its current fiscal year. Asked by an analyst if the two additional titles were announced or included a destiny released from bungie, the studio is set to acquire. Ryan said, quote, destiny is not included in the three games slated for FY two two. The two others are yet to be announced end quote. During the briefing, Ryan said Sony considered live service titles to be quote games with no end end quote. Sony plans to have released 12 such titles by his 2025 fiscal year, a slide shown during showed a slide shown during the briefing indicated. With three arriving fiscal year 23, foreign fiscal year 24 and two more fiscal year 25. During the same briefing, Ryan suggests that at least some of the live service games in it has in development

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