Catherine Glenn Foster Shuts Down Jamie Raskin on Abortion


Catherine Glenn foster was a witness at a hearing yesterday on Capitol Hill in the house They had a hearing on their abortion bill Or the abortion bills being proposed And Jamie Raskin whose father was famously a red we connections or beliefs tied to the old Soviet Union is a big Democrat now out of Maryland because it's hard to tell a difference between The New York Times as Walter Durant and The New York Times has Jamie Raskin who they love Congressman So the Republicans have their witness Catherine Glen foster and listen to this because she shuts this guy down and he doesn't know where to go Cut four go Is candidly and openly calling for a nationwide ban on all abortions with no exceptions for rape or incest And if I've got that wrong I would invite miss foster to correct me Do I have a wrong yes or no If we added Raven and exceptions would you vote for it Okay I reclaim my time Of course Well she asked you a question And the answer is no

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